Back to school

Thousands of new and returning students are moving into the dorms at Northern Michigan University.

The residence halls and apartments on campus are the closest to capacity since 2005. There are just under 2,600 students living on campus this year. More than 1,200 are incoming freshmen. Total enrollment is about 8,800, but that number often increases as the year goes on.

On campus students will be moving in through Sunday, but most moved in Thursday and Friday. More than 100 students have volunteered as "Welcome Crew" to help the students on moving day.

"Our staff has been working on this, as you might expect, basically since we closed last spring, and as summer goes on, of course, gets busier and busier and does more and more things. This is the culmination of our preparation," said NMU Director of Housing, Carl Holm.

Classes at NMU begin Monday.